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A comprehensive data collection and reporting tool that improves the efficiency, management, and monitoring of a state’s Drug Recognition Expert program.

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About the DRE Data System

The DRE Data Entry & Management System (DRE Data System) is a comprehensive data collection and reporting tool designed to improve the management and monitoring of a state’s Drug Recognition Expert program. Developed by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management & Research (ITSMR), this tool serves as a statewide data tracking system for the DRE program, providing in-depth information and data analyses in the area of drug impaired driving. The DRE Data System has three primary components:

  • Mobile & web applications for real time data collection
  • State specific database containing evaluation and toxicology data as well as narrative reports.
  • Reporting & query tool

Mobile & Web Applications

The mobile application allows the DREs to capture data in real time as they conduct their 12-step evaluation of the subject. The application captures all of the data that has been traditionally collected on the Drug Influence Evaluation (DIE) paper form. Additional information is collected in a number of areas, including crash involvement, driver license information and medical marijuana cardholder information. The application also collects data from the toxicology reports that are returned by the forensic labs. The evaluation and toxicology data is securely transmitted into a state specific DRE database that is maintained by ITSMR. Narrative reports are also securely transmitted and stored in PDF format. To complement the mobile application, a web-based application is also available.

Key Features of the Mobile Application

  • Evaluation data can be entered offline if WiFi is not available
  • Provides PDF of DEC standardized facesheets
  • Allows for management/supervisor review of evaluation before it is submitted to the database
  • Includes MobileIron security


The database captures all of the data fields contained in the mobile and web applications, including the data from both the evaluation and toxicology reports. As a result, any of the data fields captured on the application can be queried through the database. Data are also extracted on a regular basis and uploaded to the national DRE database to meet federal reporting requirements.

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Reporting & Query Tool

The DRE Data System uses an analytic tool developed by ITSMR to query the database and conduct analyses. The results of the analyses can be displayed in both tabular and graphical formats. The analytic tool is also used to design and generate standardized and custom reports to meet the needs of the state’s DRE program management staff.

Equipment Specifications

The mobile application is platform independent, making it compatible on mobile devices with Android, Windows and iOS Operating Systems.

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ITSMR’s DRE Data System received the Governors Highway Safety Association’s Special Achievement Award, presented to New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee and ITSMR at the GHSA Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.


This map depicts States that have signed a License Agreement with ITSMR to participate in the DRE Data System. ITSMR is currently working with additional States and will update the map upon completion of the agreement process.

Designed to be Customized

The System is designed so that it can easily be customized under a license agreement between ITSMR (represented by The Research Foundation for SUNY) and your state. Services provided under the license agreement include:

  • Customization of DRE mobile & web applications
  • Customization of DRE database
  • Customization of query tool & reports
  • MobileIron security software
  • Onsite training
  • Documentation (User guides & quick reference sheets)
  • Maintenance & technical support services
  • Submission of evaluation & toxicology data to the national DRE database


Keeping your data safe, secure, and private is of critical importance. Data is encrypted, well isolated, and backed-up regularly. Access to data is strictly limited to authorized personnel, and our hosting facilities are highly secure and monitored.

How it all started

The goal of the International Drug Evaluation & Classification Program (DEC) program to assist police officers in identifying drivers who are under the influence of drugs.  Using a standardized protocol, an appropriately trained police officer can successfully identify drug impairment and accurately determine the category of drugs causing such impairment.  Originating with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 1979, the DEC program operates under the guidance and direction of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and is supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Commonly known as the Drug Recognition Expert program (DRE), today all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and the United Kingdom participate in the program.

To enhance participation in the DRE program and to improve its oversight and monitoring of the program, the Institute for Traffic Safety Management & Research (ITSMR) developed an electronic data entry, reporting and management system. To date, ITSMR has developed and implemented a comprehensive system that captures data on the police officers who complete the DRE training and data on the drug evaluations conducted by these DREs. The system has two primary components, a web-based application and a mobile application, that can be used by DREs in the field to complete and submit their evaluations, narrative reports and corresponding toxicology results into the DRE database developed by ITSMR.

The mobile application provides real-time data entry by the DRE and streamlines the entire process to improve the efficiency of the 12-step evaluation.

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The application allows the DRE to collect all fields required from the DEC “facesheet”, including the ability to draw images associated with the divided attention tests.  A clean, professional facesheet is printed that mirrors the DEC standardized facesheet.  DREs utilizing the system do not have to re-enter evaluation data in the National DRE database.  All data collected during the evaluation is transferred to the National DRE database by ITSMR via a secure file transfer.  The application is tailored to meet each respective State’s data fields to further enhance efficiency and to improve data integrity. 

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