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ITSMR has been assisting the traffic safety community for the past 45 years by conducting research and analysis on key traffic safety components. The menu below contains a library of reports to assist researchers, policymakers and practioners.

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Commercial Vehicles & Large Trucks

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Distracted Driving

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Impaired Driving

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Occupant Protection

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Roadway Fatalities

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Young Drivers

Traffic Safety Statistical Repository (TSSR)

The NYS Traffic Safety Statistical Repository (TSSR) was developed to provide broader access to New York’s traffic safety data. The TSSR currently contains motor vehicle crash data obtained from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Accident Information System (AIS) over the past 10 years, including preliminary data for the current year.

Traffic safety ticket data from the past 10 years are also included in the TSSR. The ticket data are captured by two systems maintained by the NYS DMV, the Traffic Safety Law Enforcement and Disposition (TSLED) and Administrative Adjudication (AA). Data for impaired driving tickets issued in NYC are captured by a separate system maintained by the NYPD and included in the TSSR.

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